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Sinister's Paradise

Sinister’s Paradise

GD Star Rating

“A challenging parkour course with four different locations for an increasing challenge!”

Sinister’s Paradise v2 is the first map created by strk0s. The map features four levels in an increasing difficulty. The four stages are: the Quartz Cave, The Witch’s House, The temle of Sennestein, and The Cryogenic Chamber. More information about the map can be found here:

You know, I’ve always wanted to make a map! So here it is, Sinister’s Paradise. You know I guarantee that you will love this map so much, because this took so much work! This map is in the version of V2. Do be warned this is my first map, so I made it somewhat small. But expect much bigger maps in the near future!

Download Sinister’s Paradise

From the map author StRk0s

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GD Star Rating

“A nice mix of adventure and parkour with 12 completely different stages to hop around!”

Jump Dream is a mix of adventure and parkour created by Dennis2pro. This cool map features 12 completely different stages from hell, goldfish, snow,blindness, and much more. The map also features secret bonus END stage for hours of fun! Play using the custom texture!


From the map author Dennis2pro

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GD Star Rating

“A collection of the maps used for the hide and seek mini game. Download does NOT include the mod.”

Ever played Hide and Seek before? Interested in getting the map for yourself and perhaps plan ahead? HIVEARCADES is all about just that. Explore the wonderful creations in this map and have fun!


Info: This is a collection of maps used for the minigame Hide and Seek. This is ONLY the maps, not the mod itself.Download it if you wish. This map requires 1.6.1 and over. Make sure you read the README.txt file.

Have fun!

Codename Derpy


From the map author CodenameDerpy

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A mansion in the forests. Can you find out its secret?

For Cecilia

GD Star Rating

Overview of Chapter 1 of the map.
A mansion in the forests. Can you find out its secret?
A small open space in the forests. What is this tree?

Download For Cecilia

From the map author Evensun

This map is a mixture of an adventure, puzzle and parkour map. There is a huge story connected
with the map and you will find books and notes all over the place, in the open or hidden in chests.
The map is divided in several smaller parts, or stages, that can be played in order or out of order,
or can even be skipped altogether if you hate one of them (Like Parkour).
With a story of over a 100 pages (in game) and a lot of hidden bonus treasures, this map has something
for everyone! Time for a playthrough is around 2 to 3 hours.

For more information, check the minecraft forum (link in the “Link to Author” section)